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  • What kind of gains can I expect from my vehicle?

    The expected gains in brake horse power (BHP) and foot pounds of torque (ft/lbs) are entirely dependent on the vehicle and the upgrades being undertaken. For a quote, please call the centre on 0141 882 4669 or use our free quotation service.
  • Why don't the manufacturers do this from standard?

    Marketing and Cost - A vehicle manufacturer can produce thousands of identical engines saving on manufacturing costs then release different models with restricted outputs simply by amending the software of the vehicles computer, eg. GTi, Sport, LX etc.

    Owner Neglect - It is considered that owners may refuse to service their vehicle at the recommended intervals and run their vehicle on very poor quality fuel. Restrictions are written into the standard software which is more tolerable but compromises are made in regard to performance and economy as a result.

    Worldwide Compatibility - Due to the varied operational conditions around the world such as air temperature and humidity, air quality, altitudes and of course varied fuel blends, the manufacturers again compromise performance and economy in favour of worldwide compatibility.

    Our goal at ecotune is to optimise the software on your vehicles computer, de-restricting your vehicle and unleashing its full potential within its current operational environment. The enthusiast who adheres to the manufacturers service intervals who wants the best from his engine can feel confident that a vehicle modified by ecotune is as reliable now as it ever was.

  • How will your service affect my fuel consumption and exhaust emissions?

    As the brand name suggests, ecotune are committed to improving the economy and reducing the co2 and particulate emissions on every vehicle tended by our firm. Most clients request that the extra performance is available on the pedal but would like an economy improvement in normal driving conditions, this is our most recommended and preferred product.

    Naturally we can provide a bias towards performance, economy or environmentally friendly tuning ensuring every need is catered for.

  • If I disconnect my battery or it discharges will I lose my upgrade?

    Not at all, our optimised software is as securely written to your vehicle as the factory original and can only be removed by reprogramming with updated or original software.