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How long will I have to wait for an appointment?
We operate an extremely busy software centre and workshop, availability differs week on week. Please call us on 0141 882 4669 for appointment availability.


How long will it take for you to optimise my vehicle?
Every vehicle is different, some can be programmed through the diagnostic port, some require interfacing with the vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU) directly and others require installing or replacing a chip inside the ECU. We carry out a diagnostic check and road test before and after so we ask that you allow us around three to four hours to complete the work.


Can I wait while the work is carried out?
Customers are more than welcome to wait, we provide tea/coffee, juice and biscuits, many customers are intrigued by the process. Alternatively, if you do not wish to wait, we can call you a taxi or drop you off at the train station. We will call you when the vehicle is ready to be collected.


Is the programming work carried out solely by Ecotune?
Yes, we tune all vehicles using our own, in-house developed software, with the exception of APR software which is provided by APR LLC


How much does Ecotune software cost?
The cost of the software is entirely dependent on the car and modifications that have been carried out. For a quote, please use our free quotation service or call the centre on 0141 882 4669


Are there any risks associated with your software?
As with any automotive modifications there are minimal risks associated; however here at Ecotune we invest heavily in our equipment and in the development of our technicians to ensure you get the best and most reliable service every time.


What if I'm not happy with the results?
Customer support and satisfaction is our number one priority. If you are at all unsatisfied with your results or the service you received, please contact the centre and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you.


Can the Ecotune software be detected by my dealer or other garages?
Despite our best efforts, dealer diagnostic equipment is ever evolving and there will always be a risk of detection when applying performance upgrades outside of manufacturer specification.



How will the Ecotune software affect the longevity of my engine?
Modern vehicles are engineered to such a high standard that that if you continue to look after your car in line with the manufacturer's recommendations, the effect on the longevity of your engine is negligible. In instances hardware upgrades may be recommended to achieve the quoted figures and to ensure your reliability is not compromised. 


Do your products affect my motor insurance policy?
As the Ecotune software will enhance the overall performance of your vehicle, we recommend that you inform your insurers of the upgrade. 


Will my manufacturer’s warranty be affected?
Whilst the changes we make to the software remain within reasonable tolerances, the manufacturers did not intend for your car to perform this well and as such are unlikely to honour a claim in respect of a tuning related failure.

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure our customers that we would not install software to a vehicle that would push the limits of the hardware to the point of failure. In some instances, where customers request software for absolute performance, advice may be given regarding hardware upgrades to ensure longevity and absolute reliability.


What kind of gains can I expect from my vehicle?
The expected gains in brake horse power (BHP) and foot pounds of torque (ft/lbs) are entirely dependent on the vehicle and the upgrades being undertaken. For a quote, please use our free quotation service or contact us by email or telephone.


Why don't the manufacturers do this from standard?
Marketing and Cost - A manufacturer can produce thousands of identical engines saving on manufacturing costs and release different models with restricted outputs simply by amending the software of the vehicle, eg. GTi, Sport, LX etc.

Owner Neglect - It is considered that owners may refuse to service their vehicle at the recommended intervals and run their vehicle on very poor quality fuel. Restrictions are written into the standard software which is more tolerable but compromises are made in regard to performance as a result.

Worldwide Compatibility - Due to the varied operational conditions around the world such as air temperature and humidity, air quality, altitudes and of course varied fuel blends, the manufacturers again compromise performance in favour of worldwide compatibility.

Our goal at Ecotune is to optimise the software on your vehicle’s computer, de-restricting your vehicle and unleashing its full potential within its current operational environment. The enthusiast who adheres to the manufacturers service intervals who wants the best from his engine can feel confident that a vehicle modified by Ecotune is as reliable now as it ever was.


Do you do gift vouchers?
Gift vouchers can be purchased directly from our Glasgow Centre by calling 0141 882 4669


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